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Thursday, August 18, 2005

Angelina Jolie Wants Wedding

Sexy Jolie reportedly told a friend that she and Mr. & Mrs. Smith co-star Brad are 'working on' getting hitched after Pitt's divorce from Jennifer Aniston was finalised, according to UK tabloid The Sun.

It was the first time the 30-year-old had spoken publicly of her love for Pitt, 41. Their chemistry while filming Mr. & Mrs. Smith reportedly played a part in Brad and Jen's split back in January. But the pair have officially denied they're an item ever since, despite Jolie moving her brood into Pitt's beachfront Malibu mansion last month. The Tomb Raider babe spilled the wedding beans while filming The Good Shepherd in New York alongside Matt Damon and director Robert De Niro.

And Pitt, who has made no secret of wanting to become a dad, may soon have an adopted child of his own with Jolie.

The Hollywood beauty also revealed she and Brad 'plan to adopt more babies'. Jolie already has two adopted children, Cambodian Maddox, 3, and Ethiopian baby Zahara, who she adopted earlier this year. Maddox apparently already knows what's up - he shocked crew at a publicity shoot in California earlier this month when he called Pitt 'Daddy'.

Meanwhile, Jolie will reportedly play an evil queen in the epic Beowulf, to be directed by Robert Zemeckis and distributed by Paramount and Warner Bros. She will join actors Ray Winstone, Anthony Hopkins, Brendan Gleeson and Robin Wright Penn, Daily Variety said, with the screenplay by Roger Avary and Neil Gaiman. | source: NEWS.com.au

Eminem in Hospital for Drug Addiction

Rap star Eminem has been hospitalized for dependency on sleep medication, his label said on Thursday, two days after the recording artist canceled a European tour due to "exhaustion" and "other medical issues."
The back-to-back announcements come weeks after the Detroit Free Press reported that the Grammy-winning rapper, whose real name is Marshall Mathers, might retire at the end of his "Anger Management" tour, which also featured his protege, 50 Cent.

Eminem, who turns 33 in October, flatly denied such plans, but has said he wants to focus more on producing artists for his Shady Records label. The North American leg of the tour wrapped recently.

"Marshall Mathers, aka Eminem, is in the hospital under doctors' care," Interscope Records said in a statement. "He's being treated for dependency on sleep medication." | source: MSNBC News

Looks Like It's a Boy for Britney Spears

The expectant singer went on an after-hours shopping spree at an exclusive Beverly Hills area baby store where she bought all baby boy clothes.
"Her rep called the store, Petit Tresor, and had it closed down and Britney came in with her body guards and spent about $10,000," says a source. "She has very good taste, actually: elegant and simple. I was surprised."

Spears had been in the store several weeks ago where she loaded up on items for girls, but says the source, "That must have been a ruse or for someone else. This was definitely for her unborn child."

A spokeswoman for the store said she could 'neither confirm nor deny' the Spears' shopping spree. But another source backs up the buzz that baby Federline will be a boy: "They're mulling several names, but the one they favor is Preston." | source: MSNBC

Are Cameron Diaz and Justin Timberlake on the Quits?

Are Cameron Diaz and Justin Timberlake on the rocks? The two reportedly had a nasty public spat at an L.A. club earlier this month because of Timberlake's roving eye, which ended up with Diaz in tears.

The couple's fight was caused by Justin's flirtatious behavior toward a 'curvy blonde' who had been at the stars' banquette at L.A.'s Spider Club on Aug. 5, according to the upcoming issue of In Touch Weekly. 'The argument got so nasty that Cameron, 32, and Justin, 24, ended up leaving in separate cars,' according to the mag.

A rep for Timberlake denies the incident, though some are saying that the couple's relationship seems shaky. A few days after the alleged spat, Timberlake was supposedly spotted partying with the Black Eyed Peas at club I-Candy. | source: MSNBC.com

Ellen DeGeneres Selected To Host Emmys

Television talk show star Ellen DeGeneres has been picked to host the upcoming Primetime Emmy Awards, U.S. TV's top honors, reprising her widely praised performance in 2001 following the Sept. 11 attacks.

You know me, any excuse to put on a dress,-DeGeneres joked in a statement from the Academy of Television Arts and Sciences, which puts on the show.

The Emmys are held each year in September and honor the best in U.S. TV programs and performances as well as kick off a new season of shows headed for the airwaves. | source: MSNBC.com

MTV special to follow actress Jolie to Kenya

MTV plans to chronicle a visit to poverty-stricken African villages by actress Angelina Jolie on September 14, three months after co-star and off-screen companion Brad Pitt gained notice with a similar ABC special.

The MTV documentary will follow Jolie as she accompanies United Nations adviser and economist Jeffrey Sachs on a trip to Sauri, a remote group of villages in western Kenya where his team is battling hunger and disease, the cable channel said this week.

The 30-minute program, a special episode of MTV's long-running 'Diary' series spotlighting celebrities, will coincide with the opening of a U.N. special summit on goals for improving living standards in developing nations.
The actress, an Oscar winner for 'Girl, Interrupted,' has visited U.N. operations around the world as a goodwill ambassador for the United Nations' High Commissioner on Refugees since 2001.

Sachs serves as a special adviser to U.N. Secretary-General Kofi Annan, as well as director of the U.N. Millennium Project. He also is head of Columbia University's Earth Institute. The Viacom Inc.-owned network said the special is part of its 'think MTV' initiative, aimed at encouraging greater social activism on the part of its young audience.
'I'm certain the stories in this special will inspire viewers the same way these experiences have inspired me,'
Jolie said in a statement announcing the show's premiere date. | source: Reuters.com

Eva Longoria Hurt on 'Housewives' Set

'Desperate Housewives' star Eva Longoria was injured Wednesday during taping of the hit ABC comedy and was taken to a nearby hospital for treatment, officials said.

Longoria, 30, was 'bumped on the head by something' while shooting on location and was taken to a hospital where she was treated and released, a spokesperson for the show said.

Longoria is expected to return to work on schedule, the spokesperson said. The entertainment show 'Access Hollywood' reported that Longoria was injured when a pole fell on her. Longoria plays former runway model Gabrielle Solis on 'Desperate Housewives,' a dark satire about life in suburbia. The show recently received 15 Emmy nominations from the Academy of Television Arts & Sciences. | source: Yahoo! News

Pierce Brosnan Out As James Bond, 007

A single, surprising phone call and it was over. That's how Pierce Brosnan says he learned that his services as James Bond would no longer be required.

'One phone call, that's all it took!' the 52-year-old actor tells Entertainment Weekly magazine in its Aug. 19 issue.
Brosnan starred in four Bond films. He says that before they stopped negotiations, the producers had invited him back for a fifth time.

'You know, the movie career for me really started with Bond,' says Brosnan, acknowledging that by the time 'GoldenEye' premiered in 1995, he was already 42.

He then starred as 007 in 'Tomorrow Never Dies' (1997), 'The World Is Not Enough' (1999) and 'Die Another Day' (2002).
His departure from the role was a 'titanic jolt to the system,' says Brosnan, followed by 'a great sense of calm.'
'I thought. ... I can do anything I want to do now. I'm not beholden to them or anyone. I'm not shackled by some contracted image. So there was a sense of liberation.'
Brosnan says he's grateful to have had the role, but adds:
'It never felt real to me. I never felt I had complete ownership over Bond. Because you'd have these stupid one-liners -- which I loathed -- and I always felt phony doing them.'
source: Yahoo! News

Jude Caught in the Nude

It looks like Jude Law's been caught with his pants down. Again. Just a month after the Alfie star issued a public apology to his fiance, Sienna Miller, for cheating on her with his children's nanny, Law's private life is once again on display.

The actor was snapped in the buff by a lurking paparazzo as he changed into a swimsuit outside his mother's home in France.
The resulting money shot--a full-frontal pic of Jude in the nude--quickly made the rounds on the Internet, revealing Law's attributes to the world.
Law's rep, Simon Halls, scoffed when asked for comment on the photo.
'Oh, please!' Halls told the New York Post. 'The guy is on vacation in France with his kids. People need to give him a little bit of a break.'
Despite the negative publicity that has dogged Law of late, his popularity seems intact--at least with the ladies. | source: E! Online News

Diddy Drops the P. in Name

So proclaimed the hip-hop impresario formerly known as Sean Combs, Puffy, Puff Daddy and now P. Diddy on Tuesday's Today Show, as he explained that he was changing his name once again.

The rap mogul last switched it up--from Puff Daddy to P. Diddy--in 2001, while seeking a 'fresh start' after being acquitted on gun charges.
As for what brought about the latest change in moniker, the entertainer admitted that his previous name change left his fans uncertain of how to address him.

'I felt like the 'P' was getting between me and my fans and now we're closer,' Diddy said." | source:
E! Online News

Madonna's Injury Birthday Gift

For most stars in the fickle music business, the bad break is hitting middle age. For Madonna, it's suffering bad breaks on her 47th birthday.

The still potent pop powerhouse broke a collarbone, fractured a hand and cracked three ribs Tuesday after she fell from a horse while riding on her London-area estate, publicist Liz Rosenberg confirmed to E! News.

Husband Guy Ritchie took the injured entertainer to an unnamed hospital, where she was treated and released. | source: E! Online

Thursday, August 11, 2005

Cambodia Welcomes Citizen Angelina Jolie

In recognition of the environmental work the actress has done for the country, King Norodom Sihamoni signed a special decree granting the Mr. and Mrs. Smith star Cambodian citizenship.

'The King signed the legal papers and that means she now has Cambodian citizenship,' Toun Siphan, director of the government's international relation department, told Reuters on Thursday.

Jolie, who adopted her 4-year-old son, Maddox, from Cambodia in 2002, has said she feels a special tie to the country.
'When I went to Cambodia something felt like home to me. I knew someone was there who was meant to be in my family. I don't know any other way to explain it,' Jolie told London's The Sun in June.
When the country's Prime Minister Hun Sen approached the actress last year about becoming a Cambodian citizen, she said that she would be 'thrilled' and 'honored' to accept. | source: Yahoo! News

Oliver Stone Cops Plea in Marijuana Bust

Oliver Stone may be fond of telling the stories of courageous rebels who rage against the system in his films, but his personal life is a different story.

The famed director pleaded no contest to a misdemeanor pot possession charge on July 29, according to Los Angeles' City News Service.
Stone was busted at a police checkpoint on Sunset Boulevard May 27 for marijuana possession. The Platoon helmer was taken into custody overnight and released after posting $15,000 bail.

His case was to have been heard in court Wednesday, but Stone had his lawyer enter the plea for him in a moved-up hearing last month. Stone was ordered to pay a $100 fine plus court costs for his bust, per CNS.

While initial reports suggested Stone, 58, may have been intoxicated at the time of his Memorial Day weekend arrest, it appears that the director will not face charges for driving under the influence. | source: Yahoo! News

Colin Farrell Gets Reprieve in Sex Tape Scandal

LOS ANGELES - A judge has extended a temporary restraining order barring an ex-girlfriend of Colin Farrell from marketing a tape of them having sex.

Farrell's lawsuit against Playboy Playmate Nicole Narain says they made the videotape 2 1/2 years ago with the understanding that it would never be made public.
Last month, Superior Court Judge David Yaffe blocked Narain from selling, distributing or displaying the 15-minute tape. On Wednesday, Yaffe extended the order.

The lawsuit by Farrell, 29, accused the 31-year-old woman of working with the owner of an Internet pornography business and contacting the news media about the tape.
Leodis Matthews, a lawyer for Narain, said her client had not attempted to profit from the tape, but wanted to keep her half of the rights to the video.
Farrell's lawsuit said the release of the tape would irreparably harm him and his career. | source: Yahoo! News

Friday, August 05, 2005

Lee Iacocca & Snoop Dog star together in new Chrysler ad

Lee Iacocca's newest spot for Chrysler includes rap star Snoop Dogg, as the auto maker tries to reach out to a younger group of buyers.
Iacocca, who frequently appeared in Chrysler commercials during his tenure as chairman from 1979 to 1992, returned to pitch the company's cars in July, hyping its offer to sell vehicles at the employee-discount price to the general public.
The latest spot, which numerous media reports say should start Saturday, includes Iacocca and Snoop Dogg, whose hip-hop speaking manner in the spot seems to confuse Iacocca.
'You know, I'm not too sure what you just said. Now everybody gets a great deal,' Iacocca says in the spot.
'Fo shizzle, I-ka-zizzle,' Snoop Dog replies." | source: CNN News

Martha in House Arrest For Three MORE weeks

Martha Stewart will have to remain a domestic diva a little while longer. The home-and-hearth marketing queen, who was due to complete five months of house arrest Aug. 10, has agreed to extend the sentence by three extra weeks, her lawyer, Walter E. Dellinger, said in a brief statement Wednesday.

The New York Post reported Sunday that Stewart was seen riding an off-road vehicle on her estate and attended a yoga class nearby. Stanton would not say if those were violations or if they constituted part of her employment.

According to the conditions of her sentence, Stewart must remain inside her home north of New York City except for 48 hours a week of employment, food shopping, doctor appointments and church. And Stewart must always wear a monitoring anklet, about which she has repeatedly complained, saying it irritates her skin.

"I am not allowed to take it off at any time, and I am not allowed, while in my home, to have any padding under the strap," she once told fans during an Internet chat. "I hope none of you ever has to wear one. | source: Yahoo! News